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Services We Offer

Web design and development is about more than just pretty graphics, it involves all aspects of the web site, from content structure and navigation to site efficiency, compatibility and accessibility, with good presentation being the icing on the cake. Web Girl Consulting offers designing, writing and editing of web pages. From the simple, to the complex, we will design a page to fit your needs. Whether it is a simple web presence site for a small business or a large corporate website or intranet, or governmental agency web sites, we have the tools to fit your needs.

Most companies are excited when their Web site first launches. That initial excitement soon fades as the site’s maintenance costs begin to skyrocket due to constant updates. Our solutions can aid in alleviating that cost by allowing you, the client, to update much of your content. Most of the updates can be performed by you or a member of your staff with no prerequisites other than knowing how to type and use a Web browser. Imagine the savings to both your time and your wallet when your updates take minutes rather than hours or days to complete! We help our clients connect with their customers through print, web, and social media.

If client applications are what your business needs we can also help. We are highly adept at creating custom Windows applications tailored to your company, its infrastructure, and its requirements. We keep up with all of the newest advances in web software technology for you so that you can get on with running your business. We partner with our clients to deliver creative business solutions that work.

We specialize in business solutions; including:
* Dynamic and Static web site design
* Database and web development in XHTML and CSS, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and XML
* E-commerce site design and development
* Web site maintenance
* Graphic Design (Logos and Branding)
* Domain name registration and transfer
* Web Hosting
* Software training and technical and security consulting
* Quick Print Services such as 4-color process
* Pre-press design services
* Mobile Application development
* Social media and email marketing.